Jaffa hanging out with his date at a bar.

Jaffa hanging out with his date at a bar.

Why Oh Jaffa

Jaffa, my pug, is a huge inspiration for my line of dog bow ties and collars. A beloved member of the family, Jaffa enjoys tagging along to family functions, friendly gatherings, and doggy play dates.  While searching for fun ways to keep Jaffa looking his best, I realized there wasn't a sophisticated line of handmade dog accessories whose primary focus included quality craftsmanship, trend-setting style, and long-lasting comfort. This realisation quickly led to the founding of the Oh Jaffa brand.


What We Do

First and foremost, we LOVE dogs; secondly, we create bespoke accessories for loved pooches like Jaffa the world over. From dapper bow ties to adjustable collars that are as stylish as they are comfortable, Oh Jaffa uses only the finest products after the utmost care has been taken to ensure raw materials exceed our highest standards. We don’t just sell dog accessories; we sell stylish accents to help express your furry friend’s unique personality and aesthetic.

Our Values & Philosophy

Oh Jaffa isn’t just another hobby Holly putting half-baked products on the market. We value quality, style, and lasting durability. We also value the pooches that use our products and place great emphasis on comfort and wearability. For added versatility, our bow ties are removable so your pup can choose just how dapper he wants to look . 

How We Do It

From the raw materials to the finished product, we take the utmost care to ensure your and your dog’s experience is nothing short of exceptional. After choosing a new print we love, the fabric is washed, pre-shrunk, and ironed before any work begins

Our durable fabrics are paired with quality hardware sourced from reputable suppliers. Our standard fair is nickel hardware and high-density moulded curved plastic quick release clips. This choice ensures maximum comfort and durability so your pooch looks stylish for years.

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Safety First

While we love the look of a stylish pup, we always put safety first. You should never leave your pup unattended, as our collars, bow ties and leashes are hazardous to your pup’s health if swallowed. It is also a great idea to inspect your pup’s accessories from time to time to be sure they are free from signs of wear & tear.