My Brother's Wedding / by Louise Xie

Jaffa is one of the groomsmen!

Jaffa is one of the groomsmen!

oh jaffa men's bow ties

Months and months ago, I thought I should do something for my one and only brother's wedding. Making dog bow ties is my speciality. Obviously I couldn't have my brother wear bow ties designed for a pooch (although I did joke about it to him). And gold was the colour theme for the wedding. It was decided that gold coloured bow tie for the groom and light gold coloured ones for the groomsmen. I did some research on men's bow tie, headed down to my local fabric store, and hours in front of my sewing machine. And viola!

oh jaffa - wedding wrist corsages

Of course the bridesmaids weren't left out. I made wrist corsages for the lovely ladies. Little roses made from the same fabric as the groomsmen's bow ties. Matchy matchy!

Although Jaffa couldn't travel to Singapore to attend his uncle's wedding, he was not left out on this special occasion. I make him a matching light gold bow tie. He was one of the groomsmen after all!

My beloved brother and sis in law were married last Sunday. I wish both of you lifetime of love and happiness.

oh jaffa - wedding bow ties